Cody Linley Drunk — “Hannah Montana” Star Linley Caught Drinking Underage


Nothing helps Cody Linley unwind after a hard day’s work like a night of Tequila shots and rubbing his wang up against unsuspecting hotties at the club – — too bad he’s only 19!
Cody Linley Drunk

Star Magazine snitches say Cody, the star of Disney’s Hannah Montana (as child star Jake Ryan), made quite the horse’s behind out of himself during a night of clubbing and heavy drinking during an Aug. 28 birthday party for a pal at Orlando hotspot Tabu. Star spy Shannon Byerly, who ran across Miley Cyrus’ TV beau at the party, says the “drunk as a skunk” Cody was acting every bit the college frat boy by sloppily “letting girls write all over his bare chest and even trying to pull down the shirt of a female clubgoer.”

What would Mickey say?

The underage Cody allegedly showed up at the club blitzed and at one point, followed a strange woman outside, where he began making out with her in front of a group of a her friends.

“I looked over and saw this handsome guy at the bar exposing his graffittied chest and being really loud and thought, ‘I know this guy,'” Shannon spills in the Oct. 12 issue of Star. “Then someone told me he’s on Hannah Montana with Miley Cyrus. Seeing him so dishelved was weird,” she adds. “It was even weirder to see him stick his tongue down some girl’s throat. He was totally out of it and didn’t mind that the whole room was staring at him.”


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