Clueless New Yorker Uses Catcalling During Anti-Catcalling News Report


If you are looking for someone to shout at you about your looks ladies you are in luck. There is at least one clueless New York City guy who has no plans to end his catcalling days. NYC’s most clueless guy was recently taking part in an anti-catcalling news report, which he believed supported the catcalling practice.

“Sometimes, you know, you gotta call a girl,” the man explains to Buzz60 host Patrick Jones. The clueless guy then launches a barrage of licks, whistles and air kisses at random girls who walk by.

“How would you call a dog?” Jones asks. “Same way,” the man replies. “We’re just acknowledging that you did a good thing by getting out of bed.”

Jones explains that he did find two men who called catcalling “wrong” before he met the man who provided him with “the craziest interview of my career.”


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