Cleveland Cavaliers Hung An NBA Finals Banner With Two Injured Players Who Won’t Play

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

The Cleveland Cavaliers did something quite odd when they decided to hang a banner in order to promote their trip to the NBA finals. Rather than concentrating on more stars who will play, injured players are featured on the banner.

Lebron James is the leader of the team, and of course he is featured on it, but along with him are Anderson Varejao and Kevin Love. What exactly were they thinking with those selections?

The banner is being used to get fans around the city pumped up for the series against the Golden State Warriors, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to have the same effect with James’ supporting players featured. Varejao has been out since December with an Achilles injury and fans who wait until the playoffs to watch may have even forgotten about him at this point.

Along with the banner that was posted by the Cleveland Cavaliers’ official Twitter profile, the hashtag #AllinCLE was posted, alluding to the fact that everyone in Cleveland has played a part in their run to the finals and even the injured players will be there to support Lebron James and co.

Kyrie Irving has been with the team since entering the NBA and has had some good performances in the post-season along with players like J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert and Tristan Thompson, which makes this banner feel very odd for fans of the Cavaliers and anyone else who has been watching the NBA playoffs.

In addition to Varejao being out, Kevin Love will not be competing in the NBA finals after being injured in the first round with a shoulder injury. Perhaps the team just wants everyone to know that their injured players are just as much a part of the team as everyone else and that they shouldn’t be forgotten.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have built their current team around Lebron James after bringing him home, but surely there are more fitting players to accompany him on the promotional banner.

Update: more banners have been made available already.

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