Classic Disney Songs Get 90s Remixes And It’s Horribly Awesome


If you are a fan of classic Disney songs and you can’t get enough of the slow jams of the 1990s you are in for a treat.YouTube star todrickhall has created a mashup that combines the song styling of the 1990s with the hitmaking prowess of Disney’s top song writers. Todrick combines such 90s hits as “Always Be My Baby” and “This Is How We Do It” with the likes of Disney’s “Part Of Your World” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”

In his newest video release, Hall collaborated with Shoshana Bean.

Remember his Beyoncé-fied retelling of Cinderella? What about his ‘Cell Block Tango’ remix from the musical Chicago? He was also responsible for “Beauty and the Beat.”

Disney Remixed with 1990s songs

I have to admit I was not a fan of 1990s slow jams but I love this remix because it’s everything that Disney is not.

If you enjoy his Disney remixes be sure to check out his Beauty and the Beat music video below.

The new Disney remix video has nearly crossed the 250,000 views milestone.

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