Ciara Partners With L’Uomo Vogue For The Premiere Of Her New Single “I Bet”



In conjunction with her forthcoming album titled Jackie, Ciara has partnered with L’Uomo Vogue for the premiere of her brand new single, “I Bet.”

For the first issue of the year, L’Uomo Vogue presents a group of personalities, already famous or emerging, who, for the 2015, plan major projects.

“We like to discover new talents, give voice to the established ones and be the first to announce their upcoming challenges. Ciara, one of the most successful musician of the moment, is the perfect interpreter of the identity of L’Uomo Vogue. Her natural charisma, her sensual and deep attitude make her one of the big in 2015”, said Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani.

Ciara is one of those women, that women wish they could be. At 29-years-old, she not only is drop dead gorgeous, but she’s is multi talented: she’s one of the best R&B singers in the world, her dance moves are beyond sick, she’s a producer, an actress, and a mother of six month old Future.

If you’re still not envious, she’s worked with legendary producers  (Luke Boy, Polow Da Don), top musicians (Pharrell , will.i.am), and best selling pop artists (Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, and Justin Timberlake.)

On her early childhood:
“I’m a real military brat, an only child, brought up at different army bases, a little here a little there: Germany, Arizona, Georgia and California. I learned early on how to adapt to new places, make new friend, and start over. It came in handy later on, when I was away from home on tour for months on end. But my roots are in Atlanta where I have my home and my family. I’m a Georgia Peach. That’s what they call Atlanta girls.”

On knowing she was going to be a star:
“I’ve been dancing since I could walk, and singing since I could talk. I’ve always had total absolute relationship with music. I always knew what I wanted to do with my life. That I had something special in me, a God-given gift.”


On why she loves making explicitly naughty and dirty music videos:
“I love to express my sexuality, it makes me feel good. I think that goes for all women, we all want to express our sexuality. It is a form of power, it makes you feel self assured, in control.”

Watch Ciara’s video for “Ride.”

On her first professional encounter with the music industry:
“I always believed in the power of convictions and words. I talked music with everyone, with nothing particular in mind. Then one day they asked me if I wanted to do an audition for a band. That same evening I went along with my mother, and they hired me.”


On her relationship with men in a male-dominated industry:
“I’ve always been strong. I learned early on how to deal with men. For them, interaction is based on looks. That’s the first thing they are interested in, so you have to learn right away to win respect.”

On her upcoming sixth album Jackie
“It will be an authentic album, real. I talk openly and honestly about my emotions as a woman, mother, about my ambitions, but also my vulnerability, my happy moments and sad moments.”


On what kind of mother she wants to be for her baby, Future:
“For him I want to be the best mother in the world and also the best business woman. I want to realize all my ambitions, and I know deep down in my heart that I will. I want to be  very rich, because that’s the only way I will be able to do everything I want to do.”

On her plans for the future:
“My dream is to have homes all over the world, and continue to take on new ventures. After all who said there was no room in this world for another Oprah?”

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