Church of Scientology preparing to Discredit Katie Holmes

The church of Scientology is preparing to go after Katie Holmes.

According to former members of the Church, Katie has deeply offended the church after she decided to divorce Tom Cruise. “Katie would have been excommunicated normally, and behind the scenes she probably already is,” Scientology defector Samantha Domingo said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Internally, the wheels are in motion to discredit Katie. We have moles that are pretending to be good Scientologists who report back to us on the outside. I’ve seen internal memos about Katie.”

Other sources have said that because Tom is such a high-profile Scientologist, he has been allowed to continue a relationship with Katie and his daughter, Suri. Kind of makes you wonder if that’s why Nicole Kidman seems to have an injured relationship with her children from her marriage to Tom, Isabella and Connor.

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