Christina Ricci: “Pattz Is An Awesome Kisser”

She’s no Twilight fan — in fact, she’s yet to see even one installment of the most popular supernatural craze of the past decade — but Christina Ricci scored the acting role of a Twi-Hard’s dreams when she got to act opposite Robert Pattinson in the upcoming drama Bel Ami.

Christina and the British heartthrob play lovers in the film and got to know one another very well on set.

“Working with Rob was amazing,” she told E! Online Friday. “He’s such a great guy, so talented. He’s just great. We’d just make fun of each other the whole time, like ‘Oh my God, we’re so goofy’ or ‘My accent is so bad!'”

“There’s some naughtiness,” she revealed, adding that there are “lots” of love scenes between her and the teen dream.

When asked if Rob is a good kisser, Christina replied: “Um yeah! He is pretty much awesome.”

So when will Ricci jump the shark and check out one of the Twilight films? Who knows. She’s still waiting for them to air on TV.

Bel Ami premiere later this year.

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