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Christina Milian talks to us about ‘Christina Milian Turned Up’


We were lucky enough to sit down with Christina Milian for a quick interview about her new show, ‘Christina Milian Turned Up’. Without further adieu…

Which was your favorite part of this episode?

So many parts.. umm i guess taking my Mom to get her tattoo and getting my piercing. pretty cool and liberating! lol 

We at popcruch have a lot of male viewers. why should a guy tune into your show?

 Now they can see theres more than one Milian. My sisters are young and beautiful and the world loves fresh faces

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Tell us about the song ‘rebel’ that you premiere on the show. when do you plan on putting it out and shooting a video for it?

 Watch the show. it’ll be out soon i am working on music video treatment as we speak. 

Heard you have a new clothing line wearepopculture.com. will you be wearing a lot of the stuff in the show? how is the new company doing?

 We wore WEAREPOPCULTURE quite a few times on the show,. by the 5th/6th episode everyone from me to my sisters are wearing it. the company is doing great. We just got into ShiekhShoes so we will be shipping that order out soon so girls can go buy it at the store!

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What should we expect in next episodes and ones to follow?

 More wild, crazy out of the box stuff that i would usually do in private.. like discussing my obsession with wanting a bigger booty and how to get it!! lol… lets just say… u get very comfortable in front of the cameras in the end. but its us! I’m not taking anything back.

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