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Christina Milian Dishes About Her New Reality Show ‘Christina Milian Turned Up’



Christina Milan is one of those celebrities that appears to be good at everything. She can sing, dance, act, and host tv shows, all while looking flawless raising her cute little girl, Violet.

We here at Popcrunch, are very close friends with Ms. Milian, and will be giving the Popcrunch audience a close look into some behind-the-scenes moments of her life and her blossoming career and months progress. So stay tuned.

For now we are relaying exciting news from E! and Christina. They will be teaming up and Christina will be adding reality star to her resume. Christina is starring in Christina Milan Turned Up, a brand new E! docu. series that will follow the Grammy-nominated singer’s career, love life, and personal relationships.

Christina dishes about the series to E! saying,

“Deep inside I always felt something like this was gonna happen,” she explained. “Kind of just letting people get to know me personally so that’s the biggest thing—letting your guard down and letting people in, but that’s the exciting part because I felt that for so many years I’ve been in the business and people have seen me do different things from hosting and music videos to acting in films, but I think this is the first time in regards to music. Music kind of channels into real life and for me this time around, I feel that all the music I’m doing and writing channels to exactly what is happening at this very moment, so the fact that I have it all captured on film and it will be on TV is pretty exciting. It’s those little things like making sure that I’m myself so everyone can see and they’ll get it and I’ll show them what they don’t know.”

Christina’s loud and Cuben-American family of course appears on the show, including her momager Carmen, and her two sisters, Danielle and Liz.

“I think my life is relatable to other women,” Christina pointed out. “Young mothers, young women, especially with this show. It has to do with not only myself but my sisters and my mom and our working relationship. It’s for women that are constantly grinding but we have passion for family, we laugh hard, we yell hard. We might be a little bit more passionate because we are Latino, and we are Cuban so we can be fiery sometimes. One second we can be arguing and the next we’re giving each other hugs and laughing. Family has pretty much been the drive for us.”

The series definitely isn’t short of any adorable Violet moments:

“Motherhood is great,” the singer exclaimed. “I love my baby. My daughter is amazing. She’s got lots of character and she’s a great kid. She makes life easy for me and she’s so understanding and smart. She’s all over the show!”

In addition to her music, you’ll also get to see another passion of Christina’s, owning her own wine company!

“I just bought my company, Viva Diva Wines,” she said. “So my mom and I have a partnership on that and are relaunching the company.”

As for Christina’s other projects,

I have my album that I’m working on which includes some songs with Lil Wayne, and I have an animated project for young kids called Shelby Star. It’s a musical animated project. And those are just a few of the projects that you’ll see on the show. There’s a lot more and more stuff will pop up that’s unexpected.”

Damn girl, you got a lot going on. We can’t wait to watch you do your thing.

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