Christina Hendricks, Kim Cattrall “Too Curvy” For Fashion Freebies

No one puts Samantha Jones in a corner! Actress Kim Cattrall was never able to enjoy the couture costumes on the Sex And The City set because the high-end designers only sent sizes to fit her super-skinny co-stars. The revelation comes just days after Mad Men beauty Christina Hendricks lashed out at fashion designers for not lending her a dress to accommodate her curvy figure.

The non-stick figure stars may look amazing on the red carpet – but they’ve revealed that even finding a dress to wear is a struggle. Cattrall, 54, starred in six seasons of the hit TV show and two movie spin-offs alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon. Kim was never as slim as the other actresses in the series and often missed out on wearing the best designer pieces, leaving her with vintage clothes instead.

“I’m not a sample size like [co-stars] Sarah [Jessica Parker] and Kristin [Davis],” she told “I couldn’t wear a lot of the clothes the young designers would send us. I’d wear a lot of vintage – some of things I wore were like pieces of art.”

Hendricks — the red-headed bombshell, who was recently named the World’s Sexiest Woman by Esquire Magazine — says fashion labels seem unable to cater to her size 14 frame when it comes to giving out samples. Hendricks, 35, has enjoyed a rapid rise to fame after starring as secretary Joan Holloway on the Emmy-winning series Mad Men, but that doesn’t make finding flattering fashions any easier.

“People in town have been saying some nice, wonderful things about me. Yet not one designer in town will loan me a dress. They only lend out a size 0 or 2. So I’m struggling for someone to give me a darn dress.”

Despite all this, a recent poll conducted by the UK edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine finds that young women would rather look like the breakout Mad Men star than iconic waif model Kate Moss, signifying a significant change in the way young girls view body image.

“Joan [Harris, Hendricks’ character] has had a huge impact on fashion and on women having the confidence to flaunt their curves,” editor Louise Court told the Radio Times this week.

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