Christina Hendricks’ Bath Remark Renders Smitten Anchor Speechless

Chi-Chis have a way of reducing grown men to gibbering schoolboys. Just ask Christina Hendricks. The Mad Men actress and Esquire Magazine’s World’s Sexiest Woman left a smitten news anchor at a loss for words after she made a throwaway remark about taking a bath during an interview with KTLA this week.


In a studio interview on the Los Angeles TV station, the voluptuous redhead mentioned that she was running a bath when she discovered she had been nominated for an Emmy.

Anchor Brian McFayden remained silent for nearly two minutes as Hendricks yammered on about the growing popularity of the television drama.

When he spoke again, it was clear that he had not been following the conversation.

“I wasn’t going to be all ‘I’m hitting on you’ but you have an amazing body,” McFayden eventually said. “You’re a beautiful woman, uh, and the bath, uh, and I mean, and I’m stumbling over my words.”

McFayden stammered as he explained how he thought her having a bath was “awesome.”

Wow — classic line, dude.

“That was like, two conversations ago, but thank you for remembering,” the married Hendricks replied.

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