Christina Applegate “Baffled” By “Samantha Who?” Cancellation

Christina Applegate is said to be “baffled” by ABC’s decision to pull the plug on her quirky half-hour comedy Samantha Who?

In May, The Alphabet Network announced that the series was among the casualities being dumped from the network schedule — axed after two seasons due to budget cuts.

In an interview Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Donald Todd said that the cast and crew cannot understand the reasons behind ABC’s move.

“Sadly, ABC’s strategy to get new viewers – by taking the show off the air for months at a time – did not pan out, and they have no further plans for us,” he explained.

“The producers, and Christina, remain baffled by the whole thing. As viewers can see in the final episodes airing now, we were heading in a great direction; the calls and e-mails about those episodes are both gratifying and painful.”

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