Christian Bale Steroid Confession


Christian Bale was “tempted” to take steroids in a bid to build his physique for some of his early film roles.

The actor says he considered experimenting with the dangerous substances when he was trying to bulk up for roles in American Psycho and Batman Begins.

“I was lifting really heavy weights that I could never dream of lifting now and probably never will again,” the razor-tongued Brit admitted in the June issue of Esquire Magazine.

“A number of people have said, ‘You could never have done that without some kind of steroids.’ Not to say I wasn’t tempted,” Christian confessed.

“When I was getting ready for ‘American Psycho’ I’d never been in a gym in my life and I was working out like crazy, so I thought, ‘Maybe it ain’t such a big deal, just take some ‘roids’ and I can speed up this whole process.'”

Christian was deterred from purchasing the illegal drugs after being warned of potential side effects.

He explained: “I called up the store where they’re selling that sort of stuff and asked, ‘Have you used it? And side effects?’ ‘No no. I mean, really minimal. Your balls might shrink and you might get acne.’ I’m like, there’s no way in hell I’m going to touch anything like that and damn those who think I did.”

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