We hope Chris Pine has an Uber app downloaded to his smartphone.

The Star Trek actor will likely spend the next six months getting around Hollywood via car service (Hey, it beats the bus!) after pleading guilty Monday to one count of drunk driving in New Zealand.

Pine, 33, was arrested for drunk driving in the early hours of March 1 after leaving a wrap party Pine for his latest film Z for Zachariah. The actor’s blood-alcohol level was well over the legal limit of .08 percent, prompting cops to take Pine into custody.

Pine’s attorney, Marily Gilchrist, applied for the actor to be discharged without conviction, stating that a conviction would be “devastating.” (Yeah, so would an alcohol-related car crash!) Pine, Gilchrist argued, has suffered emotionally and professionally because of “worldwide” coverage of his arrest, placing some of his acting contracts in jeopardy and potentially affecting his ability to travel to Canada for work.

“He accepts he made the wrong decision to drive that night. He was not stopped because of any error in his driving.”

The presiding judge at Ashburton District Court dismissed Pine’s application to have the DUI charge dismissed and revoked the star’s license for six months. Chris was also ordered to pay $93 dollars in reparations.

Instead, the actor made a large donation — said to be “four times” the amount any find the court could impose — to CureKids, a charity that helps research life-threatening illnesses.

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