Chris Paul Slaps Chris Kaman In The Groin, Gets Pushed Out Of Bounds [Watch]


Chris Paul is one of the stars of the NBA, but the reasons that he has been making headlines over the past couple of days do not show him in the best light. In his latest debacle, he was shown slapping an opponent, who then proceeded to push him Paul out of bounds in retaliation.

It was certainly an odd sequence that took place at the end of the third quarter of the game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Portland Trailblazers. At first it looks as if Chris Kaman shoves Chris Paul out of bounds for no reason, but with a closer look, fans can see Paul taking a swipe at Kaman’s groin for some reason.

Paul has never been afraid to show his aggression on the court and perhaps his frustration got the best of him during last night’s game. Maybe he was just mad about that insane crossover that Stephen Curry performed on him the night before, which he was continually mocked about on the internet.

In addition to the wild slap and push sequence, when Kaman was heading back to his end of the court, his teammate LaMarcus Aldridge got in front of him as a defense when Glenn Davis came up behind him, only to go flying after a soft pat from Aldrige.

With the nickname “Big Baby,” Davis seemed to be acting as just that when he went flying and may just draw a fine for such a silly flop. Obviously Aldridge does not have the power to make him go that far on his own, but kudos to Davis for trying to stick up for his point guard at least.

The game was an important one for both teams with the playoffs drawing near and luckily the Clippers were able to get a much-needed win on the road after losing to the Warriors at home, prompting Blake Griffin to feel that they no longer have an advantage at home.

Tell US: What prompted Chris Paul to act in such a way? Is he still acting out over his embarrassment from Tuesday night?

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