Chris Hansen Would Consider Follow-Up Episodes With Former Predators


Chris Hansen's To Catch A Predator revamp could feature interviews with former predators.

Chris Hansen, as you may know, is preparing a reboot of To Catch A Predator. The show, funded via Kickstarter, is initially slated to air online, until (and unless) a network picks it up. Promoting the show in a Reddit AMA, Hansen released some details — and said he’d consider an offshoot of the show, in which formerly featured predators would be interviewed about the ways their lives had changed.

Reddit user Kurtomatic gets credit for proposing the idea, but Hansen seemed to latch onto it with a pretty serious fervor.


Have you ever considered doing a “Follow Up” episode on certain of the caught predators? I’d like to think that some of them learned their lesson and came out of it better people. Obviously, none of them are happy to be in the position they were in they met you the first time, but some of them might appreciate the opportunity to show how much they’ve grown/matured/changed.

Chris Hansen:

I think that’s an excellent idea.
In fact, I’m going to give serious thought to reaching out to some people who could take part in that.
I think it would be fascinating.

Of course, the verbal distancing — ‘going to give serious thought to reaching out’ — gives Hansen a chance to run the idea past production and legal teams, but his enthusiasm suggests this could be a real aspect of the new show. Hansen does say, though, with a sigh, that no one featured on the show has ever contacted him to thank him for helping turn their lives around.

It also appears Hansen has plans in place to be careful with the handling of predators, to avoid disasters, such as the To Catch A Predator subject who committed suicide while being pursued.

Any suicide is awful, and tragic.
Our investigations will follow a strict protocol to ensure that while justice is served, it is done so ethically and fairly.

Another change — at least one company has asked not to be associated with the show, and the predators it pursues.

We actually got a call from the lawyers at Mike’s Hard Lemonade asking us to not use their product anymore.

Things that will remain the same: Hansen still plans to say, “Why don’t you have a seat over there?” — a catchphrase that is still recognizable years later.

Though the Hansen Vs. Predator Kickstarter is currently only at around half of it’s $75k goal, Chris Hansen says he feels confident they’ll be fully funded before the campaign ends.

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