Chris Hansen’s ‘Predator’ Series Fully Funded By Kickstarter Backers


Chris Hansen

To Catch A Predator’s Chris Hansen has fully funded his new “Predator” series with help from backers on Kickstarter.

Hansen officially announced the return of his ‘To Catch A Predator’ presence in a Tweet sent out to our official @PopCrunch Twitter account.

1,167 backers have helped to raise $85,615 on a goal of $75,000 and there is still 14 hours left in the campaign which means more funds could still arrive.

The new series focuses on the technology for desktop and mobile platforms that predators are using to prey on young and innocent children.

Here is the full description of the show from Hansen’s Kickstarter campaign:

HOW exactly we plan to catch these predators? HOW exactly will this investigation be different than before? The answer is this:

Predators are now using mobile technology and new digital media to pursue children. We have new ways to use that technology to our benefit, which we’ll explore in the new investigation. However, we have to be careful about how much we reveal ahead of time in order to continue to successfully catch predators in the act. What we can say is that we have advanced data mining technology that allows us to truly find out who these predators are before we come into contact with them. We don’t lure these predators into our decoy house; they initiate contact. Then we stand ready and waiting with cameras, and you’ll watch the unscripted action unfold as we do.

Parallel to our journalistic investigation, the police have their own. It’s imperative that we work together so that these predators are brought to justice. That is our hope and our intention. By producing this new investigation with you as backers, we will be able to make sure that these stories are told and more predators are brought to justice.

Along with that description for the new spinoff series, Chris Hansen also posted a video with more information about the show.

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