Chris Brown Kids’ Choice Awards Nominations Withdrawn

Embattled R&B crooner Chris Brown has removed his name from the 2009 Kids Choice Awards ballot, The Associated Press has learned. The move comes after Nickelodeon was urged to disqualify the “Kiss Kiss” star from contention over his felony arrest for assaulting nominee Rihanna in Los Angeles last month.

“Chris Brown has decided to withdraw his nominations from the Kids’ Choice Awards. We agree with and respect his decision, and are looking forward to presenting a great event for our audience,” Nickelodeon said in a statement.

More than 10,000 people signed petition to remove performer from this year’s nominee list.

The petition also calls for Rihanna’s name to be dropped from the list of nominees on the grounds that she has chosen to continue the relationship with the accused batterer.

“While we don’t think public figures are expected to always act responsibly in the name of being a role model, this situation is unacceptable on both sides. To say that either of these people setting a suitable example to be held up as ‘winners’ is preposterous,” the petition says.

Chris was up for two awards, Favorite Male Singer and Favorite Song, at the March 28 ceremony.

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