Chris Brown Fails Drug Test

Chris Brown was in a California courtroom on Monday after he blazed a few marijuana joints and failed a drug test. Brown — a Virginia native — is the middle of a five-year term of probation, stemming from his guilty plea in that now infamous 2008 Rihanna assault case.

Perhaps not surprisingly, just before his court date, Rihanna sent her ex a tweet of encouragement, writing:

“@chrisbrown I’m praying for you and wishing u the best today!”

Chris told his probation officer he had smoked weed in California, where he carries a medical marijuana prescription, but he failed the test in Virginia, where all uses of the drug remain illegal.

Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg didn’t revoke Chris’ probation over his dirty urine, but she did order an additional review to determine whether the crooner has actually completed the 1,402 hours of community service he’s credited for.

The Richmond, Virginia police chief says Chris has participated in various activities serving the community, including trash pickup, washing cars, painting and cleaning horse stables.

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