Chris Brown in Custody After Rehab Affair

Well…this certainly isn’t “Poppin.”

Singer Chris Brown spent Friday night in the slammer after reportedly being booted out of a Malibu rehab facility where he was being treated for anger management issues. The ouster resulted in a violation of the terms of Brown’s probation in his 2009 domestic violence case against sometimes girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown was ordered to complete a 90-day stint in treatment, but the judge extended that time after the “Yeah 3X” hitmaker was arrested for a melee involving a bodyguard and at least two fans in Washington DC last October.

An arrest warrant was issued by the judge overseeing the Rihanna case after he was informed that the singer had been discharged from rehab. Breezy was supposed to remain at the facility until a deal was reached in the DC assault case — but TMZ insiders say Chris’ legal woes reached the point of no return when was thrown out of rehab Friday morning for allegedly violating “internal rules.”

And just what “internal rules” might that be? Los Angeles County authorities aren’t talking, but snitching snoops tell Hollywood Life that Chris likely saw himself ejected from the center after he “hooked up” with a female staffer.

So if all this sounds familiar, well, it should.

This isn’t the first time Chris — who is rumored to suffer from bipolar disorder — has been shown the door at a treatment center. He left a different rehab facility last November after reportedly throwing a rock threw his mom’s car window in a fit of rage. Apparently, Mommy had the unmitigated gall to voice her displeasure with some of the 25-year-old’s friends.

Additionally, Brown remains under suspicion for allegedly fudging 1,000 hours of community service he was ordered to complete following his attack on Rihanna.

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