Chris Brown Assault Trial Postponed; Bodyguard Found Guilty

Chris Brown will have to spend just a little longer in a day-glo jumpsuit (luckily, it matches his bleached blonde ‘do) after a Washington, DC judge postponed the start of the singer’s assault trial until Wednesday.

Opening arguments in the People of the Nation’s Capitol vs. Bruisin’ Breezy had been expected to begin on Monday. The trial was delayed, however, by the presiding judge — who just a few hours earlier found Brown’s bodyguard-turned-co-defendent guilty of assault in the same case.

Dredlocked bodyguard Christopher Hollosy stood accused of punching a Maryland man outside the swanky W Hotel last October. Hollosy claimed that he struck Parker Adams when he tried to bogart his way onto Brown’s tour bus. Adams insists the assault occurred as he tried fruitlessly to photobomb Brown — in town for Howard University’s star-studded homecoming celebration — and two unidentified women.

Adams claims he was promptly punched by Hollosy and later Brown. Both men were ultimately arrested on misdemeanor assault charges. Parker, who also alleges he suffered serious injuries to his nose and face during the incident, has since filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Hollosy and Brown.

Hollosy’s demeanor throughout the trial has been described as “stoic.” The hired muscle has reportedly opted not to testify in Brown’s favor for fear of self-incrimination. Telling? Perhaps. The judge, however, hung her damning verdict largely on the testimony of a limo driver, who was an eyewitness to the late fall melee.

Hollosy will be sentenced June 25.

If convicted, Chris faces up to six months in jail. The “Run It” crooner remains on probation for his infamous 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna.

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