Chris Brown and Drake Suing Each Other Over New York Club Brawl

Chris Brown and Drake are finished throwing bottles at each other in the club…so they’ve taken to hurling lawsuits instead.

In case you missed the memo, the pair and their entourages were involved in a brawl at New York City hotspot W.i.P. in June 2012. Several people, including NBA hoopster Tony Parker, were injured.

The singer and rapper had allegedly been at war over Rihanna, who had a fling with Drake after splitting up with Chris following his now famous assault against her four years ago. Unconfirmed reports revealed Chris sent a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table as a peace offering but it was returned with a note which read:

“I’m f***ing the love of your life. Deal with it.”

The gesture reportedly angered Chris and resulted in him confronting Drake, who allegedly threw a punch at his rival, leading to a brawl breaking out.

French model Romain Julien was among the bystanders hurt in the barrage of shard glass and flying debris. He’s since filed lawsuits against both the stars seeking damages for his injuries.

The end result: Drake and Chris attempting to blame each other. According to gossip website TMZ, Drake and Chris each claim they were not responsible for the fight and want the other to pay any damages if the model wins his suit.

This could get interesting…

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