Chris Brown “20/20” Interview With Robin Roberts [Sneak Peek]

…..Chris is talking….again….

In clips that aired on Good Morning America on Thursday, disgraced singer Chris Brown told ABC News’ Robin Roberts he understands the effects of his violent outburst on ex-girlfriend Rihanna last February, but is “really, like, a little devastated” that some music lovers have pegged him and his public apologies a total sham.

We wonder what give them that idea?

“I think what it is when people see me smiling and kind of nonchalantly getting answers or, or saying things. It’s — I’m human, really, I’m like really hurting inside,” he said. “And it really kind of like is devastating to me.”

Chris also continued to distance himself from the Rihanna attack.

“I never ever had problems with anger. No, no domestic violence with any of my past girlfriends,” the young star said. “I never was that kind of person. … I look at it, and it’s really, like really difficult. It’s like, ‘How could I be that person?'”

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