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Chipotle Offers $3 Burritos Again this Halloween, With One Strange Stipulation


Something that’s totally not scary about Halloween is Chipotle Mexican Grill’s annual Halloween promotion, where you can get one of their megastuffed burritos for only $3 if you’re dressed up in a fab costume. But this year, they’ve changed the special in one strange way.

In order to drive home their policy of not adding any “unnecessary” ingredients to their food, the Chipotle special has changed. Now, when you show up to get a $3 burrito, bowls, salads, or tacos in costume, you have to have added “something unnecessary” to your costume.

The website says:


The boorito page also includes a video on the horrors of conventional fast food. A woman steps into what she thinks is a Chipotle, only to find that the workers are injecting her burrito bowl with gloopy “additive” substances like humectants and emulsifiers, things that the FDA actually have approved as safe.

Watch the video here: 

This is the fifth year that Chipotle has run this campaign, but this year, it’s coming with a twist that’s confusing a lot of people. What does “unnecessary” mean? Like, if you show up as Batman, you have to be wearing a tutu? That seems…well, like a lot of fun, actually. But perhaps not for Batman guy himself. I imagine the employees would have a chuckle, though.

In the old days, all you had to do to get a “boorito,” aka a burrito on Halloween, was come to the store dressed as a burrito. Oh, and in those golden days, the burrito was free. The $3 version isn’t so bad, especially since you can wear costumes that aren’t giant burritos. The proceeds also get donated to Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, Chipotle’s nonprofit to promote sustainable food and farming.

But the latest amendment to the promotion makes the entire thing a little less fun, and a little more preachy. Instead of providing fun and entertainment to the partying Halloween-goers, they’ve made the promotion about their brand and their vision.

But hell—that doesn’t mean I still won’t get myself a boorito tomorrow, dressed as a fairy with bunny ears. Or something like that.

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