Chinese Corset Ad is Oddly Spellbinding [VIDEO]

When I was a kid, girls used to rhythmically press their palms together and chant, We must, we must, we must increase our bust! But aside from strengthening our pectoral muscles, it was a colossal waste of time. Boobies grow on their own terms.

Until now!

Push-up bras are so 2000 and late. Meet … whatever this thing is.


It looks to me to be your average corset. But nevermind the actual thing that’s being advertised — the hypnotizing aspect of the five-minute ad is the constant rising and falling of the bosoms within it and the expressions of the ladies as it happens.

Tiny-boobied woman? Sad panda. Then she pulls a few strings and BOING! Watch not just her cleavage but her spirits soar!

Of course what they don’t show is the same chick turning blue since it’s nearly impossible to breathe in a corset that tight — believe me, I know — but who needs oxygen when you’ve just magically achieved the bustline of a porn star? Your shiny new self-confidence will sustain you!


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