Chicago Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau In Danger Of Losing His Job Due To Rough Management Relationship



The Chicago Bulls are anxious to get rid of their coach, Tom Thibodeau, and fans may be confused on why. The Bulls are the third-seeded teams in the playoffs and certainly have what it takes to make the championship.

He has consistently had winning seasons with the team despite having Derrick Rose injured for much of his career, but it seems that his relationship with the management has crumbled over the years and the Bulls can’t wait to get rid of him.

The Bulls struggled with Milwaukee Bucks a bit in the first round but seem to be back to their regular selves now. Traveling on the road to Cleveland, the Bulls defeated Lebron James and the Cavs 99-92 in game 1, which certainly helps their cause for winning the series, especially with Kevin Love out.

The Chicago Bulls’ Tom Thibodeau spoke about the coaching rumors after Monday night’s game when saying “Ahhhh, that’s all noise.┬áIn this league, it’s so easy to get sidetracked. There’s so much noise. Trades. Free agency. This. That. Whatever. To me, none of that is important. All that matters is what we think.”

He is going to be defiant until the end and fans can expect him to do anything to keep him and his players on track of the game while keeping other stuff out of the way. You’d certainly think that leading the Bulls to a shot at an NBA title would be able to save his job, but only time will tell.

The team has taken issue with the way he handles the rotation of his players, but he seems to make it work and does not let the judgment bother him. He has consistently kept the team near the top of the Eastern Conference standings and after bringing in Pau Gasol, the team has a chance to go the distance this year.

The Chicago Bulls are currently up 1-0 in the Eastern Conference semi-finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers and will play game 2 in Cleveland on Wednesday. Can a deep run in the playoffs save coach Thibodeau’s job?

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