Chewbacca Campaigns for Darth Vader, Gets Arrested in Ukraine

People take their cosplay very seriously sometimes.

In Ukraine, it’s illegal to campaign on Election Day, something that Chewbacca apparently didn’t care about when he took to the streets to promote his candidate, Darth Vader.

In a bizarre turn of events, “Darth Vader” is the name of a candidate running for mayor of Odessa, a fact that this man decided to have a whole lot of fun with. The candidate who dubbed himself Darth Vader is a member of the Internet Party of Ukraine. Other candidates include Peking Duck and several “Master Yodas.” This story isn’t getting any more normal.

Photos from Sunday’s Election Day in Odessa show the Wookiee-dressed man being arrested for violating this law, as well as his appearance in court looking distinctly bedraggled:

Star Wars imagery has been prevalent in Ukraine lately. Recently, Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov transformed a statue of Vladimir Lenin in Odessa into Darth Vader. Lenin’s face was covered with Darth Vader’s mask, his coat turned into a cape, and its helmet even doubles as a Wi-Fi hot spot.

The statue transformation is part of the Ukrainian decommunization laws, which requires the removal of Communist symbols in Ukraine. The law was passed in April after the past couple years have seen Russian aggression in the country.

Milov told the BBC that he “wanted to make a symbol of American pop culture which appears to be more durable than the Soviet ideal.”

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