Chevy Chase Beverly D’Angelo The Griswolds Super Bowl HomeAway Commercial

UsMagazine has some exciting news for those of us who grew up cracking our sides at the National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise. Series stars Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo will reprise their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswold for a TV ad premiering at next year’s Super Bowl.
Chevy Chase Beverly D'Angelo National Lampoon Family Vacation Superbowl Ad

The duo, who played the disaster-prone pair in four Vacation hits in the ’80s & ’90s, will star as The Griswolds again in a new commercial for HomeAway vacation rentals.

“To this day, people ask me, ‘When is the next Vacation movie?'” said Chase, who currently stars on the NBC freshman comedy Community. “So I’m sure everyone will get a kick out of seeing the Griswolds and their misadventures once again.” D’Angelo added that she is “thrilled” to be playing the Griswold family matriarch again.

In related news, a new Vacation film, which will see Clark and Ellen’s son Rusty take his own family on a road trip, is in development.

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