Chely Wright Gay Confession PEOPLE Magazine

Pickup trucks will rock all over the country music world this week as one of the genre’s own sashay-shantes out of the closet with a bombshell lesbian confesssion on the cover of PEOPLE Magazine.

Word on the blogosphere claims that Chely Wright is “coming out” with the revelation that she is gay — and she’s set to announce her sexual orientation to the world in an exclusive interview with the supermarket weekly.

Wait, who?

While we have zero idea who this broad is, according to a report from, Wright is the first “major country artist” (really?) ever to publicly come out. The news of Cheryl’s partialness to catbag could come as a blow to a number of her former suitor. The stunning songbird — and former FHM covergirl — has been linked to numerous male singers and Hollywood celebrities, including fellow country star Brad Paisley.

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