“Chelsea Lately” Ending in August

One of Hollywood’s worst-kept secrets in now an official announcement: Chelsea Handler is leaving E!.

Yeah…we were shocked, too.

In August, Handler will exit Chelsea Lately, the late-night talk show she’s hosted on the entertainment network for seven seasons. The parties formally announced the split in separate statements Wednesday.

“I, myself, am more surprised than anyone that I was able to hold down a job for seven years, and it was a fantastic seven years. I will always look back at my time on E! as most people look back at their time in college. I’m glad I went.?”

Chelsea was singing quite a different tune when she blasted E! in a March interview with Howard Stern, calling the network “a sad, sad place to live” and hinting that “I might be looking for a new house soon.” Word is Chelsea’s talking her flippant tongue over to Netflix, where she’d likely be commissioned to do some hosting work for the online streaming service.

An April report published by The New York Post called Chelsea’s move to Netflix “a done deal,” but there’s been no official comment from Handler or Netflix.

E!’s planning a month-long “celebration” of special Chelsea Lately episodes leading up to the Aug. 26 series finale.

How do feel about those whispers (gaining traction) that Khloe Kardashian is a frontrunner to replace Chelsea in E!’s late-night landscape?

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