Chelsea Handler: “I’ll Never Apologize For Calling Angelina A Homewrecker..”

If Angelina Jolie’s been sitting with her arms folded, waiting for an apology for that verbal arsenal comedienne Chelsea Handler unleashed on her during a live standup show back in December, the screen siren will be hanging out in that position for a while.

Jolie and longtime partner Brad Pitt are overseeing major renovation of their Chateau Miraval Estate in France. Most notably, the couple is restoring a chapel on their grounds. The building, erected in the 16th century, has been remodeled by an architect, who’s kept the original stone, some of which dates back to the Roman era. This work has sparked talk that wedding bells may be ringing. Is the couple finally going to make their relationship official, six years after they first went public with their love?

It’s all just a new punchline for Chelsea. The acid-tongued funnygirl, who happens to be besties with Brad’s exie, actress Jennifer Aniston, swung by HLN’s Joy Behar Show Wednesday, where talked about how she got herself in hot water after publicly chastising Angelina for being a “homewrecker” — and other things — during a show in New Jersey last winter. Chelsea says she’ll never apologize for a joke, ever. Particularly one she believes is rooted in a grain of truth.

“It shouldn’t have gotten a lot of press because I’ve been making fun of Angelina Jolie since she made-out with her brother. I would never speak for anyone else – or any of my friends – I’m speaking from my heart and soul when I call someone a homewrecker.”

Well, now that that’s settled.

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