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We think we found a new superstar here at Popcrunch! You probably haven’t heard of her, but we hope you soon will. Her name is Niykee Heaton and she has one incredible silky voice.

Heaton is 19-years-old from Chicago and is part of the YouTube generation, where you sing for your life in home videos hoping to get discovered. Lucky for Heaton, she did. She posted numerous videos from her iPhone, but it wasn’t until she sang a cover of  Chief Keep’s “Love Sosa” that people started to take notice. The first to discover Heaton’s talent: WorldstarHipHop.

She was signed by All Def Digital, founded by Def Jam-founder Russell Simmons, and has released her Bad Intentions EP earlier last month. Little to no money was spent on promotion for this album, just self promotion and the help of her manager, Lauren Pisciotta.

Here is a little bio about the R&B singer. She started writing her first song at 5-years-old and taught herself guitar at 9. She dedicate her entire childhood and high school years to music. Because her family couldn’t financially support her musical education, Heaton gave herself vocal lessons by listening to Diana Ross’s greatest hits CD.


In her early teens, Heaton stayed at home posting pop covers of songs on YouTube. “On Friday and Saturday nights when all the other kids were going out, I was staying home and writing songs, or when I got a little older, driving hours to some broke down bar and begging them to let me come up and play.”

Niykee notes that the pain of her past serves as endless source of unlikely inspiration. “Even when I’m not writing literally about something that has happened to me, all the pain of my childhood and losing my sister, ends up getting pushed into my music. It shapes my songs and builds this deeper meaning under everything which is one of the most important things to me– I need to know that I can listen to any one of my songs 20 years from now, and still be proud of what I had to say.”

Huffington Post was the first to interview Heaton when her EP album dropped. To read about her childhood struggles, her promise to a lost sibling and her favorite lyrics from the EP, click here.

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