Check Out This $50 Million Paycheck From MLB Star Andrew McCutchen


andrew mccutchen

MLB All-Star Andrew McCutchen makes a lot more money than the average American. The baseball stars 10-year contract is worth $51.5 million and even after taxes that’s a ton of cash.

A Reddit user recently posted a paystub for McCutchen and even after the “jock tax” is applied, McCutchen is still super rich.

MLB Check on Reddit

The paystub is most interesting because it displays all of the taxes that an athlete must pay. For example, the jock tax is the amount paid to different cities that a player visits throughout the season.

While Andrew McCutchen may be forced to pay additional taxes, his take home pay is still better than most American’s will earn in a single year, and he receives that check every two weeks.

Not only is the MLB All-Star super rich, he also has his meals reimbursed every two weeks. Not a bad gig if you can get it.


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