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Check Out 98 Raw Foods Cut Into Perfectly Symmetrical Squares


Food Art in Cubes

Lernert & Sander have turned their love of food and art into a strange and oddly pleasing art combination that is both fun to look at and delicious to envision eating.

The art duo cubed the raw fruits, veggies, and meats, to be identical in shape and size, and they placed them equidistant from one another.

Cubes of Food Art

The combination of salmon and purple cabbage to dragon fruit and corn on the cob is both strange and pleasing to the eye.

Food Cut Into Perfect Cubes For Art

Each piece of raw food is 2.5cm and cut into perfect little cubes.

Perfect Cubed Food Art

Redditors have been trying to predict if the art is real or the product of photoshop. It is, in fact, real and Lernert & Sander are printing out 50 limited edition prints of their poster and signing them for $567) each

Cubed Food

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