Cheating Kobe Bryant Laker Girl Vanessa Curry Affair

Kobe cheating again? You don’t say! Kobe Bryant has been stepping out on wife Vanessa Bryant again, according to scathing new reports from the Snitch Circuit. The Los Angeles Lakers star is being accused of carrying on a clandestine affair with now-former Laker Girl, Vanessa Curry.

According to celebrity spywitnesses for

Kobe Bryant has allegedly participated in yet another scandalous affair and was stepping out on his wife Vanessa with another Vanessa, no relation…Vanessa Curry was a Laker girl but recently “quit” the squad to pursue some “hosting” opportunities. Rumor has it the suits wanted to get rid of her because the affair was a major distraction and the Lakers are close to getting coach Phil Jackson the all-time record for rings this season.

Whispers of Kobe’s most recent martial indiscretion are quickly spreading, and Kobe’s one-time teen bride is ready to release Mama Bear Hell on anyone giving her the Vanessa Curry/Kobe Affair rumors any airtime. In fact, Vanessa Bryant reportedly “cursed out” sportscaster Laura Lane after the ESPN pundit got a little too catty about the Kobe/Lakers Girl sex saga:

So as I’m walking out of the Lakers locker room after some post-game interviews with the players, I pass Vanessa, who is sitting outside the locker room as usual with her two girls.
“Laura!” she screams (yes, she apparently knows my name). “Fuck you! You fucking bitch!”
“Excuse me?” I say, completely baffled as I look around me to see if there is someone else named Laura. No, there’s not.
Her daughters – ages 5 and 2 – are sitting next to her on the bench looking at their mom as she screams.
[More f-words ensue. Many more.]
“Join the club, this means you’ve arrived,” said one reporter when word spread of my run-in with Vanessa. “She’s insane,” said another. “Everyone knows it.”

“The sad part is before all of this I kind of liked Vanessa and I thought we hit it off. She doesn’t give a fuck about anything. She wears these insane outfits, struts around Staples Center like a queen, shows off her daughters and lets them run around the hall way playing tag while reporters are trying to get by….As a journalist I am going to piss people off. That’s just the nature of the business. I never want to or intend to piss people off, but if you’re not pissing people off occasionally, then you are constantly kissing ass.”

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