Chastity/Chaz Bono Memoir “Coming Clean” Spring 2011

Chaz Bono (also known as Chastity Bono) will chronicle his decision to become a man behind the cover of a page-turning tell-all book, The Insider learned Tuesday.

After years of wearing men’s clothing, in June, Chaz — the 40-year-old daughter of ’60s icons Sonny and Cher — announced plans to undergo gender reassignment surgery, including a double mastectomy, to make his body and voice more masculine.

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“Chaz is embarking on a difficult journey, but one that I will support. I respect the courage it takes to go through this transition in the glare of public scrutiny, and although I may not understand, I will strive to be understanding,” Cher said at the time.

The memoir — tenatively titled Coming Clean — will arrive in bookstores in the Spring of 2011.

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