Charlotte Church Nearly Broke? Welsh Child Star Blows Through Multimillion Dollar Fortune

Charlotte Church: Anyone ‘memba her?

Throughout the later 1990s and early aughts, Charlotte’s pristine pipes helped the Welsh-born songstress cultivate a reputation as Britain’s pint-sized answer to a classically-trained Whitney Houston. She released her platinum-selling debut album, Voice of An Angel, at age 12. An eponymous talk show and numerous television appearances (including a guest spot on TV’s Touched by an Angel) helped the mother of two amass an estimated $45 million fortune.

But the tide turned — as it always does — and a few failed pop singles later, a 28-year-old Church is now left to wonder: What in the world happened to all my money!?

In a revealing BBC documentary special, titled Charlotte Church: In Her Own Voice, Charlotte claims that she’s been relegated to the world of the “Working Stiff” and will likely have to work “regular jobs” for the rest of her life just to keep up with her bills.

“I will have to work for the rest of my life. I can’t just sit back. Not only because I’d be totally torn to [retire], but because I have to.”

Charlotte is down to her last million; a reality the star claims even the government has a hard time believing.

“The tax man is looking at my account wondering where I’m hiding all my money…I’m like, ‘There isn’t that. It’s a lie.'”

In a bizarre turn of events, as news of her dwindling fortune became the stuff of Watercooler Gossip, a seemingly incensed Charlotte took to her Twitter account late Tuesday, hitting back at speculation that she’s broke. (Although that’s essentially what she said.) She blames the media for suggesting she works due to financial difficulties rather than by choice.

(Well, isn’t that what you said, Char?)

“I never said I was ‘broke,’ you lazy ‘journalists.’ I said that the tax man is wondering where my supposed £25 million is! Because rags like yours have been making up figures of what my wealth is for the last decade or more! I also said that I would work the rest of my life, BECAUSE I WANT TO! I ENJOY IT!”

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