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Charlie Sheen Snatches Rihanna’s Wig in Epic Twitter Roast


Charlie Sheen’s Twitter tirades are the stuff Internet memes are made of — and we smell some delicious side-splitters cooking after the proudly unstable actor put pop star Rihanna in his crosshairs.

The singing star has joined Chuck Lorre, Selma Blair and Denise Richards on the list of celebrities that Sheen would like to mow down with his car. (Joking, joking!)

RiRi made Charlie’s sh*tlist after she refused to pose for a photo with his porn star fiancee, Scottine (formerly known as Brett Rossi). The drahmah unfolded on Wednesday night; Charlie, 48, and the soon-to-be missus were dining out in Los Angeles in celebration of the sex worker’s 25th birthday. The couple eventually learned that the “We Found a Love” hit-maker was also visiting the establishment.

Scottine is a huge Rihanna (at least she was), so in true Hollywood fashion, Charlie’s people asked Rihanna’s people about getting the birthday girl a snapshot with the pop diva.

That’s pretty much when all Hell broke loose.

Naturally, Charlie can explain the ensuing firestorm better than we ever could. Unable to contain his rage to just 140 characters, Sheen sprouted off about the perceived snub for social networkers this afternoon:

“…Well, the word we received back was that there were too
many paps outside and it just wasn’t possible at this time.

At this time? AT THIS TIME??
lemme guess, we’re to reschedule another random
11 million to 1 encounter
with her some other night…?

no biggie for me; it would have been 84 interminable seconds of chugging Draino and
‘please kill me now’ that I’d never get back.

My Gal, however,
was NOT OK with it.
Nice impression you
left behind, Bday or not.
Sorry we’re not KOOL enough
to warrant a blessing from
the Princess.
(or in this case
the Village idiot)”

Charlie prides himself on always taking the time to pose for pics with his fans…when he isn’t throwing tantrums on his Twitter feed, that is. The Anger Management star (Oh, the irony!) called out Rihanna’s lack of respect for the people who helped make her famous

“you see THIS is the reason
that I ALWAYS take the time.
THIS is why I’m in this thing
31 awesome years.
Good will and
common courtesy, carefully
established over time to exist radically in concert
with a code of gratitude!

I guess ‘Talk That Talk’
was just a big ol lie from
a big ol liar.”

After taking a few digs at Ri’s outre outfit and choice of hairpiece (Ouch…), the MaSheen made a friendly suggestion to his new found foe:

“Here’s a tip from a real vet
of this terrain;
If ya don’t wanna get bothered
and if this “Prison of Fame”
is soooooooo unnerving and
difficult, then QUIT, junior!


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