Charlie Sheen Drunk…at Taco Bell (VIDEO)

Charlie Sheen’s been keeping a low-profile — unless you count that insult-laden Twitter missle he launched at Rihanna back in May. If you thought the troubled actor was back on the straight and narrow though, well, you are not “winning.”

A video featuring, what appears to be (Read: is obviously), a drunken Sheen in a chance encounter with two fans at a Los Angeles-area Taco Bell drive-thru is quickly going viral. Charlie, 48, was filmed post “turn-up” by local Jayden Blair, who uploaded the footage to YouTube on July 15:

“So I tried to get Taco Bell the other night…”

A disheveled-looking Sheen met Jayden and his passenger Tamara — who Jayden called “a big fan” — and promptly acknowledged his out-of-sorts state:

“I’m sorry, I’m so f**king hammered.”

The actor also pulled down his ripped t-shirt down to show off a few chest tats. Well, there’s one way to ruin a guy’s appetite for tacos.

Sheen has a storied history with alcohol and drug addiction. In 2011, Sheen was fired from the hit CBS comedy Two and a Half Men after a feud with show boss Chuck Lorre over his substance abuse issue and behavior off set.

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