Celine Dion Spice Girls Party Vancouver; Celine Dion Hosts Spice Girls World Tour Party In Vancouver

Celine Dion is gearing up to give the Spice Girls a party to remember when they kick off their world tour in Vancouver on Sunday. The thirty-nine year old songstress will welcome to the Spicy Ones to her home nation with a Canadian-themed afterparty.

“Celine is so thrilled the Spice Girls have chosen her home country to kick off their tour that she’s organizing some plush hospitality to welcome them to Vancouver.”

“Backstage at the The General Motors Place – the stadium where The Spice Girls will perform – Celine is arranging a huge soirée.”

“There will be traditional maple syrup pancakes and the backstage area will even include actors dressed up in Moose outfits.”

“There will be Canadian flags and red and white bunting decorating the area.
“It will be a starry event.”

“As well as the Spices and their close friends and family, a string of high-profile Canadian sports stars are gearing up to attend.”

“There will be chocolate fountains and Cristal Champagne all round and it’s bound to be a night to remember.”

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