“Celebrity Rehab” Season 4 Postponed

Well what do you know — Hollywood isn’t as wacked out as originally thought.

Production has been halted on the upcoming fourth season of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab due to the lack of famous drug addicts willing to detox in front of millions of Americans, TMZ said late Monday. The search is on for more D-list dopers willing to sacrifice their dignity for some dough and shot at getting clean. Despite lucrative atempts to recruit Brooke Mueller, Lindsay Lohan, DMX, Bizzy Bone, and Heather Locklear for the next cycle of the series, only reality trainwrecks Tila Tequila and Jason Wahler jumped out at the opportunity to have Dr. Drew Pinksy sign on as their substance abuse counselor. (We’re sure the hefty paycheck they stood to pocket for their “performances” on the show also had something to do with their eagerness to participate.)

We’re not sure about you’d be we’d certainly tune in for a show that involves Dr. Drew running around to all of Los Angeles’ underground meth dens in a police cruiser trying to coerce drunk rich folks and troubled former child stars to let him treat them. Maybe that’s just us.

At any rate, despite TMZ’s scoop, Dr. Drew denies all reports that VH1 is putting the kibosh in his reality melodrama: “I am not involved at all with the casting but checked with VH1 and apparently production for CR4 is on track…Rumors inaccurate,” Pinsky Tweeted just a few hours ago.

Past celebrities who have appeared on the series include Daniel Baldwin, former American Idol contestants Nikki McKibbin and Jessica Sierra, Gary Busey, Heidi Fleiss, Dennis Rodman, and Mindy McCready.

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