Celebrity Makeup artist & model Skye Johnson hangs with Popcrunch


We got a chance to sit down with beautiful Skye Johnson to discuss her celebrity makeup career, how she spends her mornings blazing and what she’s planning on doing for St. Patty’s Day.

How long have your been modeling?

I’m actually don’t label myself a model. I have done modeling on and off since I was about 17. I work doing hair and makeup in the entertainment/print industry and I was “discovered” by being on set as a makeup artist.

Instagram and Facebook seem to think that nudity can still shock people? What do you think?

I think that the over exploitation of the female anatomy has gotten way out of control and is no way shocking. It is one thing to be a confident and comfortable woman in her own skin, but the whole “breaking the Internet” trend isn’t about that. The only chicks who seem to be “breaking the Internet” are the ones who obviously don’t have confidence considering all the procedures they had to go through to be “comfortable” in ther skin. I just don’t think it sends a great message to young girls looking up to these role models who choose to do so. Making a fake body plus tons of photoshop go viral isn’t sending real women with natural bodies any empowerment or confidence about their own body.I do think it is important that nudity isn’t so oversexualized, because essentially it’s not that big of deal. But to say that any of this is shocking coming from someone who got their fame off a reality show and sex tape? Not at all.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am 21 year old makeup artist from LA living in hollywood. I have been working on sets since I was 16 and love being apart of the entertainment industry. I have an amazing boyfriend who also works in the industry. In my free time I love to be by the beach in warm weather soaking up the sun. I can be home lover or a party animal, just depends on what side of the bed I woke up. I genuinely enjoy being around creatives and intellectuals, sharing music/culture and discussing ideals from politics, world events, to what was on the runway last week. To wrap it up just a fun loving person who likes to expand their mind and pop some tags. Essentially to me life is all about balance.

We found you via Instagram. How important is IG to your daily life?

Honestly, I have a passive aggressive relationship with all social media, especially Instagram. I get really frustrated with the site because it’s so redundant and your “fans” really think they know you. Lol. If you’re a cute girl the only thing Ig cares about is your selfies. Who doesn’t love Instagram though? We all love the workout tips, Bomb selfies, world news, hilarious viral clips and memes. Instagram definitely extends a lot opportunities for individuals who may not have had access otherwise. But I would say my biggest hiccup with Instagram is that allows people to get away with being the posers which makes it hard for people like me who really do something as a profession. Ig likes don’t get me booked on set but when a potential everyday clients hits me up they don’t want to see my website just Instagram which I use as a personal account not for business. When it comes to my daily life and how I apply it I would say that if I’m extremely bored it is my Jesus lord and savior, but if I’m preoccupied with friends it’s not that big of a deal. I have gone days without checking it before without even noticing it.

Most favorite dish to cook?

I absolutely love to cook! I couldn’t tell you what my favorite dish to cook would be because it’s all so equally fun. But I would say my go to meal to impress someone is my Ruth Chris cowboy style ribeye with twice baked potatoes, and sauteed kale in olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. Definitely not a diet dish but it’s so delicious it’ll make you eat your heart out.

Plans for St. Patty’s Day?

Like any good Irish, I’ll be at pub drinking some Jameson and beer!

 What is your favorite IG pic?

I don’t really have a favorite selfie. I think they all look the same lol. But I gave yall a more a recent one where I feel like my makeup is on Fleek ! Lol


Most popular pic?

 My most popular Ig pic is an oldie. Instagram loved me way more when I was thicker! Lol I guess it ain’t the beauty :P

what movie scared you the most as a kid?

I was not a fan of chuckie that’s for sure. My mom is really religious so I never was really exposed to horror flicks till I was an adult. But I’ll never forgot watching a chuckie movie at a friends house and being scared of dolls for the longest.

what’s the first song you knew all the words to?

I’m gonna just go ahead and guess the ABC’s for the literal answer. But the first song I remember loving and remembering all the words was “I get lonely” by Janet Jackson. It was also my first cassette.

favorite sports team & why?

My favorite sports team is the raiders. Bc when my dad conceived me silver and black was infused in my dna and no matter how much we suck you can’t just shake your dna . Lol

how important is fitness in your life?

I only pretend to care about fitness because I like wearing a Brazilian bikini in the summer and my boyfriend is an ex Marine. Otherwise, fitness schmittness. Team I love mac and cheese and bacon curls.

first thing you do when you wake up?

First thing I do when I wake up is smoke a bowl. Medical marijuana is my coffee.

what is your year and 2 year goals?

My goal for this year is to join the local 706 makeup and hair Union. I’m really close to completing the process. I have all the hours I need now it’s just about doing the proper paperwork .My 2 year goal year is to establish my YouTube channel makeup and hair as legit industry professional not just as a “beauty blogger”. I got a lot of interesting things coming catering to all skin tones, skin types, and ages. Also, just no matter what I always have a consistent goal to educate myself and better myself as an individual.


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