“Celebrity Apprentice” Rivals Omarosa and Claudia Jordan Fight on BET Awards Red Carpet

Police in Los Angeles are investigating a fistacuffs (Translation for the urban illiterate: A knockdown, dragout fight) betweent former Celebrity Apprentice contestants Omarosa and Claudia Jordan.

Jordan claims Omarosa’s mother struck her in the arm as she walked the red carpet at Sunday night’s BET Awards in Los Angeles. Spywitnesses say:

“…Claudia and Omarosa got into a heated verbal exchange — after Omarosa allegedly called Claudia a ‘stupid bitch.’ The verbal blows didn’t stop … so we’re told when Omarosa’s mom overheard it…she walked by and punched Claudia in the arm. We’re told event security then rushed in to break the women up and prevented the incident from escalating further.”

Once friends, Claudia and Omarosa have been on the outs ever since the model posted an Instagram photo from the funeral of Michael Clarke Duncan, Omarosa’s late fiance. Claudia insisted the picture she posted was in tribute to the Green Mile actor.

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