Celebrities Who Are Actually Somewhat Smart

Celebrity Cowboy has two very interesting articles this week that actually portray celebrities in a good light. While we don’t normally highlight the good things that celebrities do (because most of the time they don’t do good things), it’s always a nice contrast from time to time.

In the first article, Celebrity Cowboy tells us that some Celebrities are actually smart. Could have fooled us ;-) Included on the list are Natalie Portman, Quentin Tarantino, Matt Damon and other people with really, really high IQs. Now if Britney and Paris were on the list… the world would be a safer place.

In the second article, we learn of over 40 Celebrity Authors (yes, celebrities who write books). While our bet is that most of them have ghostwriters, it still goes to show that they can accomplish something with their lives other than DUIs and wardrobe malfunctions. Even if they are all children’s books;-)

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