Catherine Zeta-Jones Tops PETA Worst-Dressed List 2010

Sound the sirens and call The Fashion Police: Catherine Zeta-Jones is not a friend to the animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has crowned the 40-year-old Welsh-born actress the year’s biggest fashion faux paus on its annual “Worst-Dressed” List.

“With her creepy cow-skin pants, ugly fox coat, and icky alligator bag, Catherine Zeta-Jones looks like she’s working her way through Noah’s ark with a knife,” the animal rights organization said of Catherine — who they refer to as “Fur Hag” — in a statement issued Friday. “Maybe she’s trying to get into character for an upcoming role as a serial killer — or a taxidermist.”

PETA is planning to hold a protest outside the star’s Broadway play, “A Little Night Music,” before Saturday’s matinee. (I may be heading into the city tomorrow. If I see anything juicy, I’ll be sure to take a few snapshots for you. There’s nothing like an old-fashioned PETA protest. Those people are nuts!)

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And Catherine’s not the only Hollywood notable getting the shaft from the controversial animal rights organization. Actress Kate Hudson, singer/actress Jessica Simpson, The Real Housewives’ Jill Zarin, and frequent target Jennifer Lopez are also on the receiving end of an ass-razzing for their love of all things fur and clad with alligator skin.

PETA says:

Jennifer Lopez: “She looks like Jenny from the butcher block in her old-school corpse coats….”

Kate Hudson: “Kate, there’s no easier way to lose a guy in 10 days than by wearing a hairball. Maybe your furs are why A-Rod ran for home……”

Goldie Hawn: “Goldie’s old-fashioned fur collection shows that she doesn’t just play dumb, she is dumb. Could her heart, like her face, be frozen in place?”

Jessica Simpson: “Jessica’s jacket, bag, and shoes all resemble her career—dead…..”

The Real Housewives of New York City’s Jill Zarin: “This Real Housewife lives in the Big Apple, and her furry fashion sense is rotten to the core…..”

Rihanna: “You’d think that being a victim of violence would have opened Rihanna’s heart to the suffering of others—like the animals who were beaten, drowned, and electrocuted for her fur coats. Girl, you’ve got beautiful eyes: Use them to see the pain and suffering your wardrobe causes….”