Miley Cyrus Rips YouTube Celebs; Such As Justin Bieber & Rebecca Black

Er — Is it safe to say that Miley Cyrus is not a Rebecca Black fan? The controversial teen pop star spoke to The Daily Telegraph ahead of her upcoming tour in Australia, starting this June, and she doesn’t speak highly of musical artists who find stardom after first finding a fanbase on YouTube.

Justin Bieber “Baby” Most-Watched & Most-Hated VIDEO On YouTube

The Boy Wonder who landed a recording contract based on the rousing reception of his videos has once again made history on the video-sharing website. On Monday, the video promo for Justin Bieber’s Ludacris-assisted 2010 single “Baby” toppled Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” to become the most-watched video in YouTube’s five year history. The video…

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YouTube Proposes Pay-For-Post Deal For Celebrities

You’ve heard of celebrities pocketing fistfuls of cash to pitch products under the guise of thinly-veiled Tweets to fans, and in a similarly-deal that an eerie sign of these techy times, video sharing hub has purportedly offered the Kids of Hollywood a similarly sweetened pot for their online dalliances.