Will Smith Bald (Photos)


Will Smith is a baldie! The Oscar-nominated actor, his young son Jaden and the rest of the family appeared at a studio in Beijing, China to begin filming the new movie The Kung Fu Kid, an upcoming motion picture inspired by the popular 1980s film franchise The Karate Kid. We’re not sure if this is…

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Jada Pinkett Smith Sex Advice


AP Photo/Chris Carlson It’s TMI Time with Jada Pinkett Smith! The actress, who is married to Oscar-nominated actor Will Smith, says having sex at a friend’s house can help keep your relationship alive.

Will Smith Scientology Donations $122,500


The Hubbard fanatics have gotten their hooks into The Fresh Prince. This is what happens when you spend too much time around Tom Cruise. A report on his charitable foundation’s tax return shows that Oscar-nominated actor Will Smith donated $1.3 million to various charities in 2008, with about $122,500 of that figure benefitting Scientology-related causes.

GLAAD “Hancock” Protest: “‘Hancock’ Homophobic”

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has issued a public statement denouncing Will Smith’s new movie, Hancock, for homophobia. Organization bosses have branded scene from the scene in which Will uses the term “homo” as a “cheap, unfunny shot at gay people.” Adding “the slur sends a message that it’s okay to discriminate…

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“Hancock” #1 Weekend Box Office $66 Million

Will Smith in Hancock. Will Smith and the Fourth of July still equal box office gold. The Oscar-nominated actor’s perfect Independence Day track record remains unscathed as Will’s latest effort, Hancock, emerged at the top of the box office this week-despite lukewarm ratings. Hancock, the story of an alcoholic superhero who dresses like a street…

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