Justin Bieber Cast In New Will Smith Movie?

The man who manages pop star Justin Bieber has confirmed that the “Baby” crooner is in talks to star in a new film produced by rapper-turned-box office draw Will Smith.

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Share Saucy Romance Tips On “Oprah”

It’s TMI Time With Will And Jada! The long-married couple dropped saucy secrets about how they keep the spark alive in their marriage during an appearance on Monday’s Oprah. Let’s just say Jada has lots of X-rated “surprises” up her sleeve (or her skirt) to keep that toothy grin on Will’s face.

Will Smith Dropping Out Of “Men In Black 3?”

Will Smith may opt out of the upcoming third Men In Black film to star instead star in the fantasy adventure The City That Sailed, according to Variety. The Oscar-nominated star — who hasn’t appeared on the big screen since 2008’s Seven Pounds — has offers on the table for both projects and has yet…

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Will Smith Dead? Will Smith Car Accident Death Hoax

Google searchers are breathing a sign of relief after a false report claiming Grammy-winning rapper-turned-Oscar-nominated actor Will Smith died in a car accident hit the web on Sunday. The “Parents Just Don’t Understand” star is the latest celeb murdered by cyber pranksters. A rep for Smith claims there’s no truth to this item making its…

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