Did Whoopi Goldberg Fart Live on ‘The View’?

Oops! Talk about a Whoopi Cushion! Did Viewster Whoopi Goldberg let one rip while taping a segment with Homeland star Claire Danes this morning? Watch the video and judge for yourself. In an effort to clear the air (No pun intended), ABC reps say Goldberg was just kidding. “It was a joke. Every time there…

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Donald Trump Whoopi Goldberg Go Toe-To-Toe Over Obama Birth Certificate

Whoopi smells “dog mess” and this time the stench isn’t wafting from the boots of conservative crackpot Glenn Beck. Donald Trump and his onion loaf went toe-to-toe with the gals of The View (just Whoopi and Babs really) Wednesday over the issue of President Barack Obama’s US citizenship. The business tycoon said he didn’t need…

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How Did James Franco Anne Hathaway Do As Oscar Hosts?

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Did Anne Hathaway & James Franco bomb hosting Sunday’s Oscars? Whoopi Goldberg sure thinks so! On The View Monday, the four-time Academy Award host gave her critique of newbie hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway — aka “The Academy’s attempt at staying young and current…” — who have gotten some harsh reviews from critics over…

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