Andy Dick pees in public and bites a reporter

News radio

Remember when Andy Dick was more funny than creepy? I loved him back in the News Radio days. Those were good times. At this past Sunday night’s Comedy Central roast of William Shatner, Dick got drunk and ended up groping a female New York Post reporter. Then he tried to kiss her, and then he…

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San Diego Street Scene ’06


The San Diego Street Scene music festival was this past Saturday. The band Tool was the headliner this year, and during their set things got violent in the crowd. Seventeen people were injured when they were crushed against the stage, and one person’s injuries were even life threatening. Other bands at this year’s Street Scene…

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Droopy Drawers and Cattiness

Jake and Kirsten

Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gylldenhaal were out and about together on Saturday enjoying the nice weather. The good news is that they look really happy. The bad news, unfortunately, has three parts: 1. Even Jake Gyllenhaal can’t pull off the “my pants are half off and I’m wearing very functional underwear” look. 2. It’s summer,…

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